Friday, July 1, 2011

it was beautiful

my sissy {in law} is married!
(i put the "in law" in parentheses b/c it confuses people if i say my "sister" because i do have a sister her age but i just assume call her my sister and my MIL and FIL my "mom and dad" because they are just like 2nd parents)
how about less words and more pics...
yea? ok!
All of the centerpieces were different and most of the materials were thrifted!

The wood used was from trees that the 04/27/11 tornadoes knocked down.

The "altar"

These hung around the perimeter of the farm on the wooden fence

Cute decorations, sitting at the front as guests arrived.

June in Alabama, it was HOT! She took care of the guests with refreshing Izzys, tea, Vitamin Water, and other beverages!

Beautiful flowers, all arranged by the talented grandmothers!

Maid of Honor and Matron of Honor, 2 of the 14 bridesmaids :)

Rather than a father-daughter dance, they played bluegrass together...just like when she was a little girl.

and she sang a very cute song while her dad played guitar.

I have never seen a wedding that more perfectly reflected on the bride and groom as this one. It was truly wonderful. I hope they are having a fabulous time in Jamaica!

This is obviously lacking photos of me+three....I will fix that :) As soon as the photographer gets finished with his editing there will be lots of photos of the flower girl, sleepy ring bearer, Zach and I.