Thursday, March 31, 2011

i {love} my father-in-law

 folks that marry young
{and marry the guy you dated since the age of 15}
understand me when i say that i dont have in-laws ~ i have 2 sets of parents!

i happen to have an awesome daddy #2 and let me just illustrate one reason why...

tuesday around lunch i sent him a link to this
asking if he could make it with his mad woodworking skillz...
found here
annnd....tuesday afternoon
{5 hours later people!}
 i get this picture message

how is that for awesome?!
I will be painting and distressing this little baby this weekend..
hopefully i can blog about the finished project next week!

Wednesday, March 30, 2011

My fireplace needs some help!

So, from the day we bought our house I have
the fireplace.

terrible iPhone photo....dont hate
I don't like the black grout. Who in their right mind would choose black grout?
Zach's grandma says to be thankful because now I don't have to scrub soot off of it.
{like i would have done that anyway} I have considered having it covered with wooden planks painted a neutral color...whatcha think?

Anywhoo, I need to do something with the mantle. I have neglected it since we moved in....just setting pictures here and there and maybe a few candles. I have yet to buy anything specifically for the mantle.
I recently {on a whim} repainted the room. It is this color.

the one with the white sticker on it....thanks Lowes...

So now with the brighter walls and the darker fireplace I think I want a lot of white up there. These are photos I am using for inspiration.

Am I completely off by wanting to use white/light colors?
My fireplace is so much darker than these I am worried the white may be too much of a contrast. Should I stick with oak/wood tones?

I know I want to keep the family photo up there (with a frame of course) and I would like to have a wooden "T" with some pretty scrapbook paper madge podged on it or maybe one of these

Tuesday, March 29, 2011

heyyyyy batter batter

Have you ever seen a cuter ladybug?

Aubree's team is now 4-0...woohoo! I told her she didn't know how lucky she is. I went entire seasons without winning 4 games :)

The last two games have been brutally cold. She handled it like a trooper though. Us parents were whining and watching the clock waiting on the 75 min game to be over.

I am downloading video from last nights game now...i'll try and post it later.

Friday, March 25, 2011

Fun Fridays

Did it seem like the Universe added an extra day to this week for anyone else?

Today, I decided to join Jen over at
Fun Fridays

This weekend we have nothing, I repeat, NOTHING planned!
Well, Aubree and her Ladybugs are supposed to have a ball game Saturday but since there is a 95% chance of rain according to the local news...I am thinking we may not have that game.
(((The Ladybugs played last night {in the freezing cold} and won 18-12 bytheway)))
I am completely fine with staying in this weekend and cooking meals instead of eating out and catching up on some housework.


Thursday, March 24, 2011

in case you missed it....

i try to remind myself to check out the "blogs of note" tab every once in a while and i am sure glad that i did today because i stumbled accross
check it out....
lots of recipes and tricks for healthy living...
i am very interested in the chia seeds post and the blueberry chia sauce for oatmeal...yum.

Thursday, March 17, 2011

new read

I love the Pioneer is no secret.
So, of course, when this little baby showed up at my doorstep

I had it finished in like 3 hours!

I would definetly reccomend it. It is a fun, easy read...that makes you remember falling in love with your special someone.

Oh, and there are recipes in the back....amen!

Tuesday, March 15, 2011

i need some cardigan advice...

Ok, some of you may not know but I work for a nonprofit organization called
We are a Christian foster placement and adoption agency. We also offer birthmother services and family counseling.
We are having our Annual Benefit Dinner next Tuesday featuring former Arkansas Gov. Mike Huckabee.
(Click the link if you are interested in tickets!)
i. am. super. excited.
This guy in the running to replace Obama become the next President.

So, of course, I am worried about what to wear.
I am really not interested in spending any money on a dress, so I think I will rewear this guy.
I need to find a cardigan or light jacket to wear with it though and I am not sure about the color. I am thinking teal? or the coppery brown color?
What do you think?

Monday, March 14, 2011

Our weekend/thank GOODNESS for practice games

Aubree has started her first season of t-ball and I could NOT be more excited.
I played softball all of my life and loved every minute and I hope she loves it just as much.

She is (of course) the smallest on her team... about 4 inches and 10 pounds..
She definetly holds her own though.
The way they do t-ball now is very cool and I think it helps the kids learn faster.
They get 3 pitches from the coach and if they don't hit those they get 3 swings from the tee....
ohhh, the tee....
Aubree can hit pitches all day long but if you put that tee in front of her its over.
She can't hit off that thing to save her life.
So, Saturday she had a scrimmage game.
We had practiced throwing and catching and hitting with her for over a year now but had never explained the process of playing (hitting, running to 1st, etc..)
We just figured the coaches would go over that in practice and it would be easier for her to learn by doing....not listening.
WELL....She gets up to bat for the first time in the scrimmage game and wacks the first pitch....and stands there....and stands there....and stands there....
all while we are I am hysterically screaming "RUN TO FIRST AUBREE!!!"
She looks at me from the field like "whattheheck is 1st mom!?"
So, of course she gets called out at first.

Next at bat....she fouls off the balls the coach pitches so she has to hit from the tee...
I just buried my head in my hands...this is not gonna be pretty...
low and behold, she hits it off the tea...and ran some squiggly line to first base and due to an overthrow is safe! PHEW! Now she is on base....
Next batter comes up and hits a dinky ball to the pitcher and Aubree runs.....BACK TO HOME PLATE!
Oh, dear...I just cant handle this...
Her coach turns her around and sends her on to second base.

Gladly, her third and final at bat was much less exciting. She got a base hit and made it around to score before the end of the inning.
On our way out of the ballpark we saw a baseball team practing their base running...
we decided to stop and let Aubree take a few pointers...I think she gets it now.

After the practice game we headed over to Josh and Emily's to hang out and have a cookout.
Josh is a master smoker and makes the best SMOKED MEATLOAF...
(yep, you read that right..)
Oh, it was super yum. He also fixed grilled wild duck and grilled corn and I made mashed red skin potatoes and chocolate chip cookies.

Sunday after church....Zach, Gramps (his dad), and Aubree left for Guntersville to do some fishing..and thats the only photo I have for this post...sad, I know.

...more about that here....
so Griffy and I just spent a relaxing afternoon at home watching movies and doing a few chores here and there....all in all it was a wonderful weekend.

Next weekend we have her first real ball game...I will be sure to have pics and videos!

Big Pigs....

Go check out my Hubby's Blog to read about Aubree's big catch yesterday!

Monday, March 7, 2011

check it out...

My hubby is a blogger now. 
Go check out his {not so tall} tales, and such over at...
I still have to give his blog a makeover and teach him how to use his google reader....