Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Doctor Appointment Update!

So, we had another checkup with Dr.Fiore today. Here are the highlights:

*I have gained 6lbs in 4 weeks, ugh!
*My belly is measuring correctly at 27 cm.
*We had an ultrasound, no placenta movement (we knew that already though)!
*The placenta is slightly anterior, so it will be more of a tricky c-section.
*The ultrasound guessed his weight at 2lb 2oz today, hooray!
*We have a date for the c-section...MARCH 3 at 7:20 am.

Pray for baby Griffin, he will be 5 weeks early and since he is a "little white boy" he has a 50/50 shot to stay in the NICU for a few extra days. I will receive 2 steroid shots the week before his birth to hopefully help kickstart his lungs.

The 4D ultrasound is in a week so I will post new pictures of him then :)

Sunday, December 28, 2008

Christmas Photos






Thursday, December 18, 2008

Update, 25 weeks!!

I can finally breath a little easier, we have made it to "viability"...hooray

We took another peek at baby Griffin at the office today. No big news. The placenta has STILL not shifted, which means ideally we will have a baby in 10-12 weeks. Maybe I am crazy but that seems like its right around the corner,especially since we squeeze Christmas, a baby shower, a wedding anniversary, and Valentines Day, and at least two business trips for Zach in between now and then AND my nursery couldn't get any further from complete.

Here are some pictures of baby G...we have quite a collection now.

He is already leaving footprints in our hearts....

Aubree says that he is "talking to God" (praying) in this one.

Profile shot :)

His sweet little feet, resting one on top of the other.

Thanks for all of the prayers, there is still time for the uterus to shift...but the chances are low. We will continue to pray that it does though, and that when he does get here, he is healthy.

Monday, December 15, 2008

Aubree's First Christmas Program

Actually, this is her first performance ever...

Click here

Aubree is in the center wearing pink. Sorry about the camera angle.My computer wont let me rotate it :(

Tuesday, December 9, 2008

My Christmas List...

So, I could sit here and say all day long that all I want for Christmas is a happy family, continued health during this pregnancy, improved economic situation, peace on earth, and yadda yadda yadda. Don't get me wrong, ALL of those things are on the very very top of my list, but there are a few things I would really like to have. Here is the list:

1. Some short sleeved gowns for my growing belly and stay in the hospital this spring.

2. New house shoes, mine really are pitiful looking.

3. A new robe to have for the hospital.

4. A recipe book that will hold index cards that I can write out recipes and save them neatly.

(This is part of my efforts to become more organized.)

5. The usual replenishing of socks and underwear.

6. Money for my picture package with Apryl Murphy for the baby.

Baby Names...

So, I have spent the last 2o weeks trying to figure out what to name this child. Maybe this is my fault, but I am so UPSET that everyone adds their opinion when you tell them the names you are thinking. I have had every response from a shrieking "Nooooo!" to an eye roll followed by, "Yea Right?!"

This past weekend we decided on a name. As I started telling our friends and family the name, I prefaced it with, "If you dont like it, I dont wanna know!" It seemed to work! Everyone knows the name for our little angel and I dont have to deal with raging pregnancy hormone fits when someone says something about my sweet baby's name!

So, drumroll please, our baby boy's name will be Griffin Houston Taylor. His middle name is a family name on my husbands side. See?

This is a bridge in New Market on Walker Lane.

John is Zach's Great Grandfather who is still alive, so hopefully he will be happy in March to meet his 3rd fifth generation offspring and namesake!
Here is some info on the name Griffin.

Thursday, December 4, 2008


I am beginning to realize that Satan puts the smallest, off-the-wall things in our lives to bring us down and the thing I am struggling with right now is WORRY!!
Dr.Google, who I have come to rely heavily on in the past 20 weeks, has informed me of every single thing that can go wrong with a placenta previa pregnancy and also the obstacles this child would have to go through if and when he is born early.
Therefore, I am officially banning myself from Googling anything that has to do with previa or premature birth. God is my new rescource for this difficult pregnancy and I am certain he wouldn't give me anything I couldn't handle.

Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Picture Time

I havent posted new pictures in a while. Here ya go.

This is Aubree with her cousins Brittany and Reese...apparently they are her new best friends.

This was the fishing trip turned photoshoot :)

Grabbing a hot dog at the Auburn game this year with her Daddy.

23 weeks!

It has been quite some time since I posted, sorry! I guess no news is good news at this point.

Little man, yes he is definetly a boy (see for yourself) is doing great. He is much more active than I remember Aubree being at this stage in the game.

Placenta Previa is still rearing it's ugly head. As of now my uterus has not repositioned the placenta so we still get to look foward to a C-Section about 3-5 weeks early! Just hope this little guy has those lungs ready early.

Oh, and a side note. Aubree said the funniest thing today. **Mommy, I can't wait to see my baby's 'bilica corb'.** Bless her heart, she is trying so hard to understand every bit of whats going on.

Thursday, August 28, 2008

Update from Doctors appointment 08/28

The doctors appointment went very well yesterday. Thank goodness!!! The blood clot is smaller and hadnt moved so he said I need to be on bedrest for 3 more weeks and then have a recheck. This is good because I will have another appointment before our trip to NJ. As youcan see we got the first pictures of Baby T, I added a labeled version that I did at home yesterday for those who cant read ultrasounds. The heart rate was 174 bpm which is really high and I am thinking this is a little girl. Updates coming again soon!

Friday, August 22, 2008

Wednesday, August 20, 2008

August a.k.a. the whirlwind

Ok, so obviousy I am pregnant. Well August has been quite a scary month for us and I have a question or two that I hope someone might have answers for so I decided to post a blog.

DISCLAIMER: I am not sparing details so dont read if you have a weak tum tum.
Here goes:
On my birthday, August 5, I woke up with a lot of bleeding (dark brown blood) and mild cramping. I naturally freaked out and called the doctor. I think I guilted the receptionist into squeezing me in that morning because I was sobbing uncontrollably and managed to squeak out, "today!" when she asked for my DOB. So I go to the doctor and he does a vaginal ultrasound and says "well, there is a sac but no baby, which is normal this early. If the blood goes from Dark Brown ro Red or clotted come back in" I left the office with mixed emotions of well, its not a miscarriage, yet...but there is no baby, yet...is this a chemical pregnancy???

Skip to Monday, August 11th:
Zach is out of town in Florida on his first business trip with NASA until Thursday, today is Aubree's first day back to Mothers Morning Out, and I am sitting at my computer working, as usual. All of the sudden I get this terrible Pressure/Cramp/Pain that feels like it is pushing down on my cervix (i said that i wasnt leaving out details) so I stand up and walk around, it passes and I go back to working,. All of the sudden I feel this big GUSH of wetness, I go to the bathroom and there is bright red clotted blood everywhere! I got straight in the car and THEN called the doctor, the lady said to come in right away. I call Zach sobbing hysterically on the phone (like there is anything HE can do about the situation from Kennedy Space Center) I get to the doctor and I had to leave my big sunglasses on because I had been so upset my face was a mess. They took me right in and the nurse starts asking me if there is anyone she can call and hugging me which I take as bad news right away. 10 minutes later, the doctor comes in for the ultrasound and to my suprise, there is a sac, with a baby, and a heartbeat! I was so excited but at the same time so confused because at this point the bleeding was still VERY bad and he said that it might be from a twin pregnancy, and one baby miscarried, or from the forming placenta. I went home reassuered that there was a baby with a heartbeat but very confused. He put me on "pelvic rest" and told me to take it easy and to come back in if I was still bleeding on Friday.

Skip to Friday, August 15th:
I scheduled an appointment for Friday morning because I was still bleeding and I had HORRIBLE cramps Thursday night after Zach got home. This time Zach was able to go with me since he was home, thank goodness.The doctor did another ultrasound and again, saw a baby, with a heartbeat but he also saw something that he said "he didnt like". There is a very large blood clot high in my uterus.(at least NOW i have a reason for the bleeding) He is worried that if the clot breaks loose it could damage/detach the placenta and therefore cause a miscarriage. I have never heard of this before and I cant find very much info online about it. I am now on bedrest/pelvic rest for 2 weeks and hopefully it will continue to drain slowly as it had been and resolve itself.

Has anyone else dealt with this? Heard of it?

Sorry for all the details, but the story is kind of impossible without them.

Everyone say an extra prayer for us, we could really use it right now!