Tuesday, February 19, 2013

one happy birthday boy

No update

soooo great start to the get fit blogging huh? i didn't post an update yesterday because of the holiday and now I have a stomach bug :(

Tuesday, February 12, 2013


the only explanation I have for my absence...
I need ya'll again though so here come Ms. Selfish {oops!}

Mama is on a weight loss roll and I am afraid of losing my momentum so here I am for accountability. 
I weigh in on Sundays at home so I will be posting weekly updates every Sunday or Monday.
Here are the tools in my weight loss arsenal:
  • Advocare, its the bomb...not a quick fix...just a lifestyle change and the vitamins to help you succeed. Holla' at me if you are interested. 

  • My gym membership....I LOVE LOVE LOVE being back in the gym. I have craved Body Pump and Body Combat like you wouldn't believe.
  • Running, Oh my GOSH I hate to freaking run but I hate being fat more so, I am a running fool ya'll...more on that later!
  • Supportive hubs, who is picking up my slack at home with housework, etc so that I can have time to go exercise. 
  • MYFITNESSPAL, friend me, follow me, whatever it's called. alysetaylor is my username....I know super creative right?! Ha!

I will be posting before and after's weekly weigh in's etc....