Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Baby Names...

So, I have spent the last 2o weeks trying to figure out what to name this child. Maybe this is my fault, but I am so UPSET that everyone adds their opinion when you tell them the names you are thinking. I have had every response from a shrieking "Nooooo!" to an eye roll followed by, "Yea Right?!"

This past weekend we decided on a name. As I started telling our friends and family the name, I prefaced it with, "If you dont like it, I dont wanna know!" It seemed to work! Everyone knows the name for our little angel and I dont have to deal with raging pregnancy hormone fits when someone says something about my sweet baby's name!

So, drumroll please, our baby boy's name will be Griffin Houston Taylor. His middle name is a family name on my husbands side. See?

This is a bridge in New Market on Walker Lane.

John is Zach's Great Grandfather who is still alive, so hopefully he will be happy in March to meet his 3rd fifth generation offspring and namesake!
Here is some info on the name Griffin.

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The VanZoerens said...

Alyse--I love the name Griffin and I totally understand your frustration with people sharing their opinions! We had a lot of the same responses when we named our daughter Arden--I couldn't believe it! Anyhow, Griffin Houston is a great name and I pray that the remainder of your pregnancy goes smoothly!

Melinda (Tucker) VanZoeren
(April's sister)