Wednesday, March 30, 2011

My fireplace needs some help!

So, from the day we bought our house I have
the fireplace.

terrible iPhone photo....dont hate
I don't like the black grout. Who in their right mind would choose black grout?
Zach's grandma says to be thankful because now I don't have to scrub soot off of it.
{like i would have done that anyway} I have considered having it covered with wooden planks painted a neutral color...whatcha think?

Anywhoo, I need to do something with the mantle. I have neglected it since we moved in....just setting pictures here and there and maybe a few candles. I have yet to buy anything specifically for the mantle.
I recently {on a whim} repainted the room. It is this color.

the one with the white sticker on it....thanks Lowes...

So now with the brighter walls and the darker fireplace I think I want a lot of white up there. These are photos I am using for inspiration.

Am I completely off by wanting to use white/light colors?
My fireplace is so much darker than these I am worried the white may be too much of a contrast. Should I stick with oak/wood tones?

I know I want to keep the family photo up there (with a frame of course) and I would like to have a wooden "T" with some pretty scrapbook paper madge podged on it or maybe one of these

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Kim in the Cove said...

I think white would look good - it's always crisp and clean. Plus your trim is white so it's not like it would be the ONE white thing in the room. You can buy these brick veneers that look just like stacked stone but they're not so thick. I bet you could layer them over the existing stone for a modern look. I have absolutely no idea how much they cost - but it would be less than doing solid stones. The wood plank idea sounds great visually but I would think it would be a fire hazard (at worst) or might just singe a bit at the edges (at best). I love the green paint! Be sure to post photos of any changes you make!!!