Thursday, May 7, 2009

i dont mean to toot my own horn, but.........

toot toot!
yesterday was day 1 of my birthday challenge!
i am proud to say that i had like the best workout of my life last night.
i dont think i knew how much i liked to sweat!!!
heres the deal...did i mention that im doing a 5k in a few weeks.
this is huge for me because i hate hate hate running.
i know running is the best way to stay in shape though so i am hoping i will learn to like it.
bah hahaha!
anyway, last night im like ok this cant be that bad (after talking to emily)
i hop on the elliptical to do my 3.1 miles. i did it! i finished in 38 minutes.
i dont think thats too bad for a "cold turkey" runner.
maybe the elliptical makes it sure it does.
i am so trying for it on the treadmill tonight.

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Becky said...

Go Alyse! That is awesome!! :)