Friday, July 23, 2010

updates, excuses, etc.... ((Giveaway coming SOON!))

Ok, first and foremost I am sooooo sorry!
Ya'll, I haven't been blogging - but let me just say I have missed it so much!
I had a little bad luck in the J-O-B department and got laid off-
(((anyone hiring???)))
(its all good, I'm sure the big guy upstairs will help a sister out)
s0o0o0o we had our cable and internet turned off to save some moolah--
(now don't go feelin all sorry for me, i do have an iPhone so I am still connected to the world wide web)!
Which means----
I still have been reading all of your awesome blogs
 ...thanks to a certain app...
 and I check it like 4 times a day!
I need to say a quick and HUGE congrats to one of my oldest friends,
She got mawwied, and let me just say she was a gorgeous bride!
gorgeous...AND LUCKY,
she had a 2 week honeymoon is PARIS.
Really? That happens? Go check out her blog, you can read all about it!

Ok, second....
Griffin is like walking...
and talking
....his favorite words are
Aubwa (Aubree)
There are way more but this post will be long enough.
Those are just the cutest ones.

Get This!!!
Aubree is starting school in like 2 weeks!!
Nope, not preschool...real school Kindergarten!!
Am I the only one that thinks this is completely impossible??
My baby is not a baby anymore.
I think I will just eat lunch with her every single day...
it's not like I have to go to work or anything right???
That may be a bad plan, I am sure school cafeteria food ain't good for the 'ole diet!
-----speaking of diet----
I have not been doing great.
I don't know if it is the busyness of summer, or the heat...but I am completely unmotivated!
I am stuck at a 20 lbs lost plateau.
(just kiddin' that's not your job, i know)
..but seriously, i need to lose about 30 more so I gotta get a move on!

Lets See....
Zach is working on his masters degree. Yay, go him!
I am so proud of him. He is doing great.
He is recovering from his knee surgery well..
he says he HAS to be ready for intramural football at UAH,
scuse me,
UAHuntsville, this fall.

Oh, I did the cotton row run (5k) again!
(Memorial Day 2010)
I beat my goal!
I wanted to run it in under 40 minutes and my official time was 38.29!
I figure if I can increase each 5k by 30 seconds ill be under 30 minutes in NO TIME!

I guess that about does it...
I hope to be getting a new camera for my birfday-
ahem, august 5, the big 25!
(((anyhoo, maybe if that happens, i'll have some non-iPhone pics to post)))


Brittany said...

Loved, loved, loved the update! You sound so positive, despite some not so positive circumstances (the job front) and I find that so remarkable and such a testiment to character! Good luck!

Can't wait to read more!

Becky said...

Um yay for the 5k finish!! So excited I saw you there! Maybe I can get my tail in gear and start running again and we can run again next year! Thanks for the sweet comments about my wedding! I do think I was pretty lucky! I still don't believe it! It's almost our birthday month! Woo hoo! 25! Are we really that old?! Can't wait for your giveaway! I hope I win (and I don't even know what it is)! LOL I need some mail!