Friday, October 28, 2011

Finally Friday, 11 weeks!

Good Morning!
Today marks 11 weeks in the growth of our little gummy bear!
(or fish, according to Griffin)
This week has been much the same as the last 6 or so.
No apetite. Well, I guess I could eat...if anything sounded like it was edible.
So far, ChikFilA has been my saving grace.
I am still losing weight...although I am obviously growing around the midsection. 
I have not craved anything except Taco Casa, which is only found in Tuscaloosa.
We happen to be going down this week so I plan to bring some burritos home to freeze!
I must be sleeping pretty well, because I wake up about 15 minutes before my alarm every morning feeling rested and refreshed! I hope that sticks around for a while.
Our next doctor appt is the week of Thanksgiving!


zahirul said...

I’m sitting here planning out my weekly menu and searching through my favorite blogs for ideas and I just wanted to take a moment and say thank you for your blog and your wonderful dishes. This black-eyed peas dish looks so amazing. It’s quick with just a few ingredients. I love it.

shama said...

your blog is lovely....
check out mine...