Wednesday, April 1, 2009

im a slacker..part 2

let me apologize. i guess with a 3 year old, a 6 week old, part time job, and home remodel i didnt have much blogging time left. so much has happened here lately so ill try to squeeze it all in here.
-we got our floors installed. praise the lord. this has been a long process because of course as soon as we got them installed and the mess cleaned up..our icemaker started leaking and water ran UNDER the floors in the kitchen so they had to be pulled up, dried, and reinstalled...TWICE!

-of course day one of flooring installation...our washer went out. so we bought a new set...our first appliance purchase ever...everything else was hand-me-downs or came with the house. i went out with intentions of buying a nice shiny front load system but found a top load system with the same features and capabilities but none of the hassel or worry of that front seal leaking.

-griffin is now 6 weeks old. i cant believe it!! he is doing great and man can that boy eat!! we went to the pulmonologist yesterday so he could have his final rsv shot. thank goodness he came toward the end of the rsv season or it would have been a shot every month! he weighed 7lb 90z. he loves to snuggle and take a bath with his sissy. we have only had one scary moment with him and that was yesterday when his tongue frenulum tore. i knew it was long and was going to ask the pediatrician about it at his 2 month visit but it ripped while he was eating a blood started pouring out of his mouth. my first instinct was oh no, he bit his tongue but then i was like wait...he doesnt have teeth. it scared me to death. here are a few snapshots from home.

i guess thats all the news for now. i hear someone racing up and down my street so i have to go be an old lady and yell at them to slow down....the joys of "growing up"

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Kim said...

These pictures are so precious!!! Saw on FB that you guys went to the botanical garden this week. We tried to go today but got turned away since the storms were just rolling in.

I had to laugh at your opening line! Sounds like you're just a little bit busy? Hee hee! Glad you got new floors!!!