Saturday, August 29, 2009

what a great night!

well, we're at the beach again for another of zach's business trips.
this time he had to inspect an ET (external tank).
we just happened to be lucky enough to catch the launch of discovery (STS-128) last night.
(((i wont admit that we prayed hardcore for it to be scrubbed monday/tuesday
...and thank goodness it did)))
im sure we were the only ones praying for a launch to be scrubbed but oh well!
it was a night launch and it was a-ma-zing!
aubree and i watched a discovery launch when she was 2 and it was a daytime one so lucky missy prissy has seen day and night of discovery!
----Aubree's view of the Launch of STS-120 in October 2007----
last night was incredible! the entire sky lit up when it ignited. it looked like it was 10a.m and not 12 midnight!
it is just so inspiring to see that thing go up. it really makes you proud to be an american!
i wish i had some photos from last night but it was so dark its hard to see anything until it goes up and i dont wanna be taking pictures while its going up! here is what we saw though!
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Kylissa said...

It definitely is awesome! I forgot to watch it on TV Friday night. It is something else. I'm glad you got to see it. Now, I need to see a day one.

Miss Kriss said...

How awesome! I saw one space shuttle launch several years ago and I still remember it! Little Miss Aubree is so lucky to have parents like you guys who can offer her these types of once in a lifetime experiences! :) Glad you guys had a great time!

Kim said...

Wow - what a piece of history. Just incredible.