Wednesday, September 16, 2009


Griffin is 7 months old today!
 I just can't believe its been that long already.
This photo (sorry for the bad quality) was taken this morning while he was playing dress up with Sissy.
He is such a trooper. He just smiles and laughs while she has her way with him.
He is progressing so well.
I imagine he is about 15 1/2 lbs now.
He sits unassisted and is showing interest in crawling.
These are both great milestones for him because he is given an "adjusted age" developmentally because of his prematurity but so far he is on par with "normal" 7 month olds.
He loves his baby food. His favorites are sweet potatoes, peas, and spring vegetables with brown rice.
He still only says "Mama" when he is crying. No "Dada" yet.
He sleeps in his own room and is such a good boy at night. We lay him down and he talks himself to sleep. His big sister NEVER did that.
He is wearing a size 6-9 months clothing. Thats a big step up from those preemie clothes he started out in.
He looks just like I did when I was a baby.
I will steal a picture from moms and scan it in soon to prove this.


Miss Kriss said...

Griffin is seriously like the cutest baby, ever! Happy 7 months, Little Guy! :)

Kim said...

He is precious! I love that Sissy is already playing dress up with him. He and Michael can commiserate when they're older!