Monday, December 7, 2009

9...almost 10 months!

I completely forgot to post a 9 month update on Mr.Griffin.
My Baaaad.
He is doing lots of new things!
For starters, he started to crawl on his 9 month birthday.
Coincidentally, the same day I broke my foot and became immobile!
Perfect right???
He started pulling up on furniture......the next day.
I was like, ok, this is too much......
he sprouts a tooth that very afternoon
(((and another one since then)))
Phew, I cant keep up with this kid.
So far he can say: mama, dada, baba, bite bite,
uh oh (my favorite), and bye bye.
i realize all of these sound the same from the mouths of babes...
but you can SO tell that he means different things when he says it.
I have lots of new photos, but i cant find the cord I need to upload them. I will soon though, I promise!!!!

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