Thursday, December 17, 2009

*TeN MoNtHs*

Griffin is 10 months old now!!
I can't believe how fast this time has gone.
He is such a sweet little guy, and definetly a mama's boy.
I love it!
He is definetly on the move these days. He pulls up and climbs on everything.
He somehow manages to get himself stuck underneath tables and chairs constantly.
He is learning to express his emotions very clearly. For instance, when I change his diaper and there is something he thinks he should be doing instead....he will ball his fists up and scream at me.
Not cry, but scream! It is so funny but sort of scary at the same time.

I also love that I can start planning his birthday party! I am thinking about a country boy theme.
I ran across the coolest Mossy Oak brand table cloths, plates, etc. online.
I guess you have to be from Alabama for this to be appealing. ha!
I am working on ideas and taking suggestions for a camoflauge cake.
The ones I have found searching Google Images arent very appealing.
I also considered a "dirt cake".
(((((Crushed up oreos and frosting??? Um, yes! thank you!)))))

Anyway, since my 9 months post was only a week or so ago...there isnt much more to update.
Only a week til Christmas! WooHoo!


Becky said...

Aww! I can't believe that he is almost a year!! I have made a cake that was a rudolph cake for Christmas one year, so you could make it a regular deer cake. Just a thought! Let me know if you need any help! I *fingers crossed* should be moving back to Huntsville soon!! :) (But shh, no one at work knows that yet!)

Anonymous said...

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