Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Looking Back

Looking back.....
Ok, this is completely inspired by one of the blogs that I stalk, daily.

Becky, over at "The Details are in the Fabric" posted this,  and I thought it was such a great idea I decided to join in.     
Here is my decade in review!


1. I began my sophomore year in high school and was 15.
2. I met Zach....((wow. 10 years ago.))
3. I got my first car. Yes, I got a car at 15.


1. I turned 16.
2. I wrecked that new car, 2 weeks after I turned 16. Grrr..
3. Zach graduated from High School and I had no idea how I would be able to finish without him, hahaha.
4. Zach got in a horrific car accident in June. He broke his hip and his tailbone. After surgery and an artificial hip he recovered fully. Thank goodness!
5. I started my first job as a receptionist after school at a veterinary clinic.
6. Zach and I broke up so he could leave town for college. He ended up staying here...although we didnt get back together for some time.
7. I started dating a new guy.


1. New guy and I broke up.
2. Went to Disney with my friend Jessie and my parents.
3. This was probably my least favorite year....ever.


1. Zach and I got back together.
2. I graduated High School and started College.
3. I had a major surgery after graduation.
4. I made lots of new friends and lost lots of old ones.


1. I was still in college.
2. I moved in with Zach in December.


1. I found out I was pregnant Jan 3rd.
2. I got married Feb 19th.
3.I started a new job at HomeTown Lenders in June.
4. My baby girl was born in August.
5. We started looking for our first home.


1. We bought our first home in April.
2. Zach stopped working at Teledyne and started working at UAH while finishing his degree.


1. I got a promotion at work.
2. Zach and I took a cruise to Mexico.
3. I started taking classes again.
4. We decided we wanted to have another child, so we started planning for that.


1. Zach graduated from college, finally!
2. We took a cruise with friends to celebrate.
3. Zach got hired at NASA.
4. Became pregnant with Griffin in July.
5. Found out the pregnancy was not going to be easy, due to placenta previa.
6. Aubree started taking dance lessons.


1. I started off the new year in the hospital with pregnancy complications.
2. I spent the next 2 1/2 months in and out of the hospital.
3. My son was born Feb 16...7 weeks early.
4. I left the hospital, without him, on our wedding anniversary....Feb 19th.
5.After 2 weeks in the NICU he came home March 3rd.
6. I started working part time from home to keep the kids home with me and out of daycare.
7. In June we took our first vacation as a family of 4.
8.In August, I turned 24.
9.In November, Zach turned 27.
10. We had our first Christmas as a family of 4.

Wow, so much has happened in 10 years!!! I am so blessed!


Becky said...

What a great decade!! I am so excited for everything you have accomplished! What a cute family you have! :) I can't wait to move back to HSV and get reaquainted! HA! Fingers crossed it will be soon!

Kim said...

Wow - what a decade! I love this, Alyse. You have been truly blessed with a beautiful family! So good to see you enjoying every minute of it. :)

Brittany said...

Hey there! I noticed I had a new follower and had to check ya out! Thanks so much for reading - made me feel so special! Looking forward to reading about you and your lovely family!

Kylissa said...

Cute idea!

I'm giving you an award.

Go here to get it.

Brittany said...

I nominated you for an award!

Check it out!