Friday, November 5, 2010

haters gonna hate....

sorry, i just COULD NOT resist the title for this post...

this post, is in regard to a certain school here in the state of alabama,
this school, has a football program...
that i kinda love,
and they have this player that is so amazing,
the kinda guy who wins a hiesman trophy, 
and helps take his team to the national championship... 
you kinda want to hate him if he doesn't wear your school's jersy.

which means,
he has a big fat TARGET on his back...

ooooh, man...the drama.

so... its no secret that broke a story about dinnertime last night
stating that "someone" on behalf of the Newton family had requested $180,000 from Mississippi State during the recruitment of Cam Newton.
This "someone" also said that there were other schools who had offered $200,000.
In case you didn't know, this is a no-no in the world of NCAA football.

Lets consider our sources...
"Someone (as named above)"- Kenny Rogers - an ex MSU football player who now runs a scouting agency based out of Chicago to match High School players with proscpective colleges. He is under investigation with the NFL players association and the NCAA because of his association with Chicago-based agent Ian Greengross.
Dan Mullen: Head coach at MSU and former Offensive Coordinator at Florida. They wanted Cam....and they didnt get him. We did. Not hard to find the sour grapes in this story.
John Bond: The former MSU player...who got the info from Rogers, and then fowarded it to MSU athletic directors (does this sound ridiculuos yet). John Bond is a native of Northport, we know of another state school located in Northport who might wanna get Cam off our team before a certain Black Friday this Fall???? John Bond was doing a favor for the home team by sending this info over...wheather he is alumni or not.
Urban Meyer: What??? He coaches at in the world??? Well, lets see. Meyer (who worked with Mullen during his time at Florida...and while Cam was at Florida but riding the bench because they had Tebow at the time) urged Mullen and Bond to release the story to the media. Mississippi State’s coach Dan Mullen is Meyer’s protege. Meyer's motivations to get this story out to the media (regardless of how many holes in it) are ego-driven.
I could be wrong. Cam Newton could be a money hungry punk who got his pay on before the season began. I just really dont think that is the case. I dont think Auburn University is dumb enough to fork over any amount of money for any player. Auburn says they knew about this months ago...launched their own investigation and found zero wrongdoing. Let's hope they are right.

Let's also throw any hopes of Cam winning the Heisman Trophy out the window...cause after the Reggie Bush scandal...they don't want another "black eye" added to the award. Even if Cam is cleared...he wont get the trophy that he deserves....the voters will find someone else.

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