Thursday, November 18, 2010

Help me SHOP for Christmas Cards!

It's that time of year folks!
I have been browsing Shutterfly all morning searching for the perfect holiday photo card for 2010.
It is SO HARD because there are SO MANY that I loooove! Maybe I could just send two or three to each person on my list???
We have a gazillion pictures from this year PLUS we are planning to have my father in law snap some photos of us this weekend so I knew I wanted one with lots of photos.
I have narrowed it down to these so far, tell me what ya think!
Black for Christmas??? I think so! I love how simple it is.

Oh, brown and green....SOLD! My two most favoritest colors!

Two of the same...again in black? I am a sucker for monogram!
Again, I like how simple these are...and both color and black and white photos would work well!
Oh, I love this one with the b&w photos!

...monogram and polka dots, be still my heart!!!

This makes me wish my last name started with an "E"...look how flippin' cute that "E" is!

Also, check out their Custom Mugs...Zach has requested one of these this sweet!


Becky said...

The Monogram one!!! I know it is the same one I got, but I could not be more pleased with it and all of the photos! I mean it is really worth it and they ship fast, fast, fast! Oh! Email me your address!!

Kim in the Cove said...

Wow!!! I love ALL of them! And I just ordered our cards from but now I am wishing I had checked out Shutterfly. What an awesome selection! I love cards with lots of photos - solves that whole dilemma of which one is best and oh, this one would be perfect but Michael isn't looking at the camera... (See this year's card for proof! ha) I think my favorites are the ones with the monograms, but I am a sucker for monograms!