Tuesday, February 8, 2011


I am So0o0o0o excited!!
My BFF Emily is getting *MaRRiEd* and she has asked me to be her MoH!
(Matron of Honor)
I couldn't be happier.
So, when you are the MoH, your first job is to plan a fabulous bachelorette party right?!
(Well, if that isn't right, just humor me....cause thats what I did)
Guess where us girlies are going in September!
Ohhh yes!
We are headed to Cozumel for a girls weekend!
no boys, no kids.....ahhh!!! 
I am so excited I just can't stand it!
Oh, and I almost forgot!
My sissy-in-law is getting married this summer too and I get to be one of her many bridesmaids!
I couldn't be happier for Meredith and Brett.
I wish I could plan a weekend away for her wedding, but they barely had time to schedule a wedding and honeymoon with their busy school schedules so I know that is out of the question.

Oh, and Aubree is in both weddings as a flower girl so of course she is just beside herself.

Now, time to whip this mama back into shape...there is a lot going on this year and I dont need to be carrying around these extra lbs!


Becky said...

That sounds awesome!!! What an exciting year for weddings!! And a great Bachelorette party!

April said...

That sounds so exciting! When it gets warm outside I am totally up for walks on the greenway for exercise! :)

J said...

Oh my gosh that sounds AWESOME! What a great MOH you are!

Jealous of all your weddings this year! This has been our "lull" year in terms of weddings but I figure with the little one coming in May it's kinda nice to not have to worry about getting back in shape to be in a wedding right away haha