Saturday, February 14, 2009

Dont Stop Believin'

Valentines Day from the hospital couldnt be any better!
I promise I have the greatest hubby ever. Last night he came to stay the night with me and brought Chicken Scallopine from Terranova's (which we quickly found that baby Griffin is a fan of). He also got me a journey CD because I had mentioned a few weeks ago that their music puts me in a great mood.
He also got Aubree the new Barbie movie to suprise her with this afternoon. I never ever could have imagined this man could be such an incredible father! The part that is most impressive is he doesnt have to call to see which ones she has. He is so involved with her he knows without asking.
I hope everyone is equally as happy as I am right now.
Happy Valentines Day!


Kyle *n* Lissy said...

That is awesome!

I gave you the letter L for the letter game if you still want to play. I posted it under my comments. I wasn't really sure how to tell yall. :)

Kim and Bryan said...