Wednesday, February 4, 2009

So apparently, I am not a good mother....

Oh yea, I said it. Listen to my rant! Disclaimer--grammer is probably terrible. I am a little flustered.

As everyone on earth knows, I am in the hospital on bedrest until at least next Wednesday, right? Well, last night it was discovered that Aubree has an ear infection. Yay, fun! I told Zach that I would call the doctor today and take care of getting her an appointment.

This morning, I call the office and finally got an answer after they took their phones off of the machines 30 MINUTES LATE and I held for 30 minutes to speak with a nurse. Well a nurse finally picks up and I explained our situation: I am in the hospital until at least next week and her dad HAS to be at work today, it would greatly help if they can just call in the antibiotics and I would gladly pay a copay over the phone. Please ask Dr.Johnson if that is ok and let me know. Otherwise I will try to find someone to bring her in this afternoon. Well, the day rolls on and I dont get a phone call. I woke up from a nap and discovered it was 4:00 so I call the office back and here is the conversation I have with the "head nurse":

Nurse: Dr. Johnson said no, he has to diagnose an illness to dispense medicine and plus if someone can go to the pharmacy to get medicine they can bring her to the office.
Me: Well, the pharmacy is 24 hours and its a little easier for her 74 year old great grandmother to go through the pharmacy drive through than it is for her to bring a sick 3 year old to the office, BUT now that you have not called me back all day I now have 30 minutes until your last appointment to find someone to pick her up and get her to your office today...that is just not gonna happen. I guess my kid doesnt get to see her doctor today (yes, i was sassy)
Nurse: Well I guess you just arent a very good mother then.
Me: are you KIDDING ME. I am in the hospital 31 weeks pregnant trying not to have a baby and because I cant hop out of the bed and get her there in the 30 minutes you have given me I am a bad mother.

Needless to say I was hysterical. My blood pressure shot up to 164/91. I called Zach and he was irate. He tried to call the office and the nurse in question would not answer his call. They said they didnt know who he was talking about. I am sure he calmly (chuckle) told them it was the woman who just told my pregnant bedridden wife that she was a bad mother. Then my mom made it to the hospital and she was MAD too. She tried to call and after about 20 minutes of holding finally got the lady on the phone. She says that first of all, they tried calling me all day long and that she made the "bad mother" remark because I was being unreasonable, and that she said the doctors would stay late to see Aubree. Ok. first of all...I had my phone beside me all day long. It was fully charged, full signal and not a SINGLE missed call. Second of all, I was not unreasonable. I understand not calling in the rx without an office visit. It was worth a try to help the people in our lives who are already bending over backwards to help us as it is. I just wanted to know why nobody bothered to call to tell me that was the case and I was upset that now Aubree wouldnt make it there before they closed, and never ONCE did she say they would stay late and see her.

Regardless, I see no reason for her to make that comment in any situation. I am lucky that our cousin Brittany works with a trusted group of Pediatricians and she asked them to accept my kids as patients and they agreed. Zach is going tomorrow to pick up Aubree's medical records and we will never go there again. I hate it because I love Dr.Johnson and Cornerstone Pediatrics is where I went when I was little but the support staff is just as important as the doctor you see and they are severly lacking in that area. I do plan on sending Dr. Johnson a letter and letting him know that I made my decision based on his staff and he may want to re-evaluate them.


Jen Laser said...

OMG! ALYSE! I don't have any kids, as you know, but that would absolutley furiate me! I couldn't even imagine hearing someone say something like that. It's obvious you are not a bad mother, for many reasons, but especially because you actually called a DR to take care of Aubree. Not to mention you're doing whatever it takes to make sure Griffin is healthy. I think you're doing the right thing. It sucks you're leaving a great Dr, but you're absolutely right. The support staff are just as important. I hope you got her name so she can get called out! Good luck with everything!!! <3

Kim and Bryan said...

Alyse!!! My mouth is hanging open - literally hanging OPEN!!!!! That is the most RIDICULOUS thing I think I have ever heard. What on this earth is wrong with that woman?!?!?!?! I am not at all surprised she lied to your mother. There's no justifying what she said.

I'm so glad you are ditching that practice. May I suggest that in your spare time (ha) you should write this down and send a letter to your former pediatrician. Dr. Johnson needs to be aware if nothing else. The nurse's behavior (and poor judgment) could pose legal liabilities for Dr. Johnson's practice.

Anyway, as we all know, you are a FABULOUS mother and that whack-job nurse needs to leave the pediatric office and head to the nearest psychiatric office to explore her need to be so mean!!!!!!!!!!

Well, the laws of physics tell us that our world seeks balance in all things. Something really good is due to come your way.