Thursday, February 5, 2009

What an awesome God...

I am sharing a story that happened in my family this week. My Aunt just sent me this email and I just felt like it was very powerful and should be shared. Enjoy. (Names are replaced with first initials)

This past Sunday, T and K (husband and wife) were getting ready for church. T was balancing his checkbook and I guess writing a check to the church. Anyway, he said a picture of K and O (grandchildren) was in his checkbook and it fell out. He never carries pics in his wallet but when he saw that pic, something lead him to go ahead and put it in his wallet. Anyway, they went to church. After he got to church, he said that for some reason, he got that pic out of his wallet and reached over to K and told her to hold onto the pic. Within minutes of this, our church service starting taking a direction in which it was very spirit filled, I was there so I can tell you, it was! Anyway, our pastor then got up and said that he had a sermon planned for the day but the spirit is just telling him that he needs to pray with all mothers, grandmothers, great-grandmothers and he invited anyone that felt like they had a burden or needed prayer for their children or grandchildren to go to the alter. Well, K had that pic that T had given her for some “strange” reason, but we know it was GOD and she was the first one to the alter! She prayed and people prayed with her. We all left church Sunday very blessed, let me just say that.

Well, the story does not end there, after they got home from church, KJ (son in law)called T and said that A (daughter) was “missing”. He had taken the kids to his dad and had been out looking for her but could not find her. He was wondering if she had came to hometown for some reason. T told him that they had not seen nor heard from her since her quick visit down here last week. Anyway, T told KJ to call the hospitals in case she had had a wreck or something. KJ called T back later in the day and told them that he found her, she had checked herself into the Shelby Medical Center around 11:00 am Sunday morning, told them that she was very depressed and needed help. This was the very time that we were all praying for her at church, she took herself to the hospital. What an awesome GOD! Anyway, she was released yesterday and will be seen as outpatient so now we can hope for the best that she will continue to see her doc and get the help she needs.

I know its a little confusing without names but I just felt that this story truly shows the power of prayer and just how we should always place our cares in God's hands.

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Kim and Bryan said...

Wow, that's amazing. Like most people, I am always surprised when God works in these ways, but He probably does things all the time that we just miss seeing because we aren't looking. This story is so powerful. Thank you for sharing it!!!