Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Home away from home....

the hospital....It sounds better when I call it that!
I am currently in Labor and Delivery, but hopefully moving to Antepartum soon.
Same old story this time as well. Dr.Fiore came in yesterday and checked me and did an ultrasound. Everything still looks fine. The placenta and baby both appear healthy. He said he is going out of town from Friday the 5th-Wednesday the 10th. He wants me here while he is gone and said we should consider taking the baby when he gets back. That would put me at 33 weeks.
NICU time would be almost guaranteed but possibly only a week or two.
Prayers Prayers Prayers...they're working so far!!!


Sarah Katie said...

Good luck & congrats! Stay strong =)

Anonymous said...

Good luck! If you need anything my office is just right around the corner from the hospital, I can bring you lunch or something!