Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Baby shower..and the nursery is DONE!

I apologize----I have been procrastinating posting up pictures but the nursery is FINALLY done! I also have like one picture from the baby shower. I feel bad because I don't have ANY pictures but I couldn't move around, and it's hard to take many pictures from one place. Maybe someone else took a few and will email them to me...hint hint :)

I am just following doctors orders...I cant unpack and put this stuff away :) I guess someone will have to stay and do it for me.
The crib bedding has this print on it. It's just easier to get a good picture of the hanging "toy" bag.

I gave in to the "wall decal" fad. I loved this little quote and I am so happy with the way it turned out! It is on the wall above the crib.

Mom and Dad found this glider at a yard sale for like $30 this summer. It was an awesome find!
Gramps built this crib when I was pregnant with Aubree so our children and hopefully someday Meredith's children will use it...and many generations after that!

Here are SOME of the adorable clothes...we have several preemie outfits too, thank goodness!

One of the few actual pictures of the shower.
Aubree with Granny and Aunt Annie and baby Reese.

Mom made this adorable diaper cake. It is sitting in the crib waiting to be disassembled so we can use the diapers and the goodies off of it. She monogrammed the hat that's on the monkey's head with the baby's name on it.


sarahrob19 said...

Awe, I LOOOOOVE all the pictures! His room looks so sweet! I love that saying on the wall above his crib! Where did you find that one?

Alyse said...

Thanks! I found it on eBay for like $13 with free shipping and the seller was awesome. She had it cut and in the mail right away. I got it like 3 days after I paid. I ordered one for Aubree's room too. It should be here today. I will post pictures of it when my mom puts it on :)

Anonymous said...

The room looks so cute!

I still haven't hung the saying I got for Jillian's wall... I'm such a procrastinator!