Tuesday, January 6, 2009

One more day????

Well. Dr.F came in for his usual 8 a.m. visit and once I told him that I hadn't seen blood since about 4p.m. yesterday he said if I could go all day today with no problems he could send me home tomorrow. Lets keep out fingers crossed. I understand there is a certain Cinderella book that Aubree is waiting for me to read to her at home.


RITA said...

Hey Alyse, Hang in there, you have all my love!

Kim said...

Been thinking about you guys!!! I called Aunt Margie on Sunday to ask her what's up and how you are doing. I knew from Zach's Facebook that you were in the hospital. So glad to hear things are improving!!! I hope you can go home and rest up until March. :)

Leah has been missing Aubree lately and asking when we can play with her again! :)