Saturday, January 3, 2009

Ringing in the new year at 27 weeks....

Well...2009 is off to an exciting start :)

I am blogging from Labor and Delivery Room #7 at Huntsville Hospital.

How did we get here?

I have had a small amount of bleeding for a few days now, which is kind of to be expected with placenta previa, BUT this morning I had a very large scary amount so here we are.
The baby looks great and I am not contracting at all so that is good news...actually the worst news I have received is that I cant eat for the rest of today just in case we have to have a c-section sometime soon. Dr. F did go ahead and give me my first steroid shot (ouch!) just in case things got worse before they got better but I have a feeling were going to be ok for now.

I will post updates as we have them....its not like I have anything better to do :)


apryl murphy said...

bless your heart!!!! i hope everything is doc is dr f ans heart him!! isnt he the best! hang in there...i'll keep check on your updates!

Andrea Kerlin said...

thinking of you and griffin. Hope everything goes ok and your home soon. I know it stinks being in the hospital. Love you!