Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Preggo Cravings!

WOW! The cravings have really set in this week.

Here are the top few:

thousand island dressing Pictures, Images and Photos

I have eaten on average two salads with thousand island dressing per day for the past week. Before this week I maybe ate thousand island dressing 10 times in my life.

Sourdough loaves Pictures, Images and Photos

SOURDOUGH bread. It needs to be crusty on the outside and soft on the inside. YUM. Just by itself, no sandwich, no soup...just the bread.

Edy's fruit bars Pictures, Images and Photos

I LOVE these things. My teeth are super sensitive so I cant eat them everyday--they are delish though!

wheat thins Pictures, Images and Photos

I dont even know what to say...these things are just awesome!Cheap dinner in Hawaii Pictures, Images and Photos

I bet I could eat a tray of California rolls THIS BIG!

I guess thats about it. We will see if they stay the same for the next 5 weeks!

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