Sunday, January 4, 2009

Oh so early update...

FYI----Hospital beds are very difficult to sleep in....I just hope Zach is getting some Zzzz's on the futon next to me.

I am feeling fine and still having minimal bleeding since we got to the hospital. I am noticing some of these supposed contractions on the monitor, but since I just took my dose of the meds for stopping that I am assuming they had worn off. Don't get me wrong...these are not "omg you are going to have a baby contractions", just "hey girl with previa, you don't need to have these contractions".
I am dreaming of a big bowl of raisin bran...or two---I wonder if my sweet little nurse can make that happen.

Anywhoo, keep the prayers coming...we need three more weeks with him in my belly, but of course we will take all we can get...March 3rd still sounds awful nice to me :)

Oh, also---Don't forget to pray for Zach, I hate the amount of stress this is putting him under--and I appreciate and love how much of a sweetie he is being in spite of it all.

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