Sunday, January 4, 2009

New Room...No News

I have been moved from Labor and Delivery to Antepartum...this is good news because I had no interest in Laboring or Delivering until MARCH!
I am still on contraction stopping meds (Brethine) even though they have given me a break from the belly monitors until this evening.
Dr. Fiore came in this morning and took me off food restrictions so I have had a shower AND two meals today and I couldn't be happier!!!
He said we needed to stay one more night and its possible I could go home tomorrow, or 5 days, or I could be here until the baby is born...its just something we have to take day by day.
Personally. If I am going to be home in the bed worried sick that something will happen any moment, I would almost rather be a hallway from an Operating Room at the hospital to be on the safe side.
This entry will be short because Aubree is here visiting me for the afternoon so I want to spend time with her and away from the computer :)

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